Holding the Media Accountable

If you’ve found this site, you probably saw my blog post here, and agree that the news media has gone too far with their reporting of the Connecticut massacre. I believe they should be held accountable. I believe they should know we won’t accept this level of so-called reporting.

If we wanted gossip, misinformation, untruths and outright fiction, there are places we can go to find it. We as a society trust the news media (a waning trust, to be sure) to report the news. The fact that it’s a huge responsibility has been lost to the 24-hour news cycle.

The rush to be first has long surpassed the responsibility to truth and accuracy. This must end.

I believe that we the people have the ability to not only send a message but to change the way that we accept our news. Together we have a power greater than the media will ever have. We have the power to hold them accountable and hit them where it hurts.

What is their main life source? Advertisers, ratings. Those depend fully on us as a people.

I think we should boycott any news organization that reported misinformation, gossip and untruths.

I think we should boycott any news organization that showed Ryan Lanza’s face or named him as the gunman.

I think we should boycott any news organization that exploited a child from that school – or tried to – for their own gain.

Name every organization that reported misinformation, untruths, outright fiction.

Name every news organization that added to the panic by reporting that there was a second gunman on the loose.

Name every news outlet that reported Ryan Lanza was the gunman. Name every news organization that exploited a child in this horrific event.

Name them all in the comments below. Include links if you’ve got them. And then, let’s start a conversation about how we, as a society, can respond and hold the news media accountable for reporting the news.